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Operating system not found Sony Vaio

Operating system not found Sony VaioOperating system not found Sony Vaio. I m doing aal this but still unable to start. Only viao logo shows for some time and shows black screen and again viao logo for some time , this process continue... Help me to fix

Дата: 2019-03-31 Ahsan Raza

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1. Staš
POSSIBLE FIX: I've bought a new disk (ssd) and when I wanted to install OS I always got "OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND". After that, I've googled tons of "press F(sth)+blahblah" tutorials and nothing worked for me. What DID WORK in the end was - making an USB bootable drive (using Windows USB DVD Download tool), then booting the machine using the ASSIST button -> BIOS -> then changed the Legacy boot to UEFI, went to the other tab and disabled Secure boot (which was previously grayed out) -> then switched back to Legacy boot. You also need to change the boot priority/sequence, putting the CD or USB in the first place. After installing (first restart) you'll have to move the disk back into 1st position/order. But that was it for me - works perfectly now. BTW my model num. is SVE1512e1ew. Good luck to all
2. Max
Still wasn't able to work for me, my cd drive is making an odd sound while its trying to boot as if it's trying to access a cd. Any other things iIcould try?
3. tw1st3d
Operating system not found meand that most likely your Hard Drive/SSD died and the computer can't find any data on it so it says it has no operating system.
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