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How to recover data from a hard drive (stuck heads: buzzing, clicking, etc)

How to recover data from a hard drive (stuck heads: buzzing, clicking, etc)Does your hard drive make a buzzing noise when you turn it on? Or does it make clicking noises or not spin up? Well, in this video I will show you how to fix this fairly common problem which is caused by the drives heads getting stuck on the platters.

Дата: 2019-03-28 DIY Perks

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1. Bro
You know what's weird? I have an old Dell tower PC with a hard drive that used to have Windows XP installed. That thing was riddled with viruses when I used it years ago; I was terrible at internetting XD sometimes when I tried to start the computer, the hard drive would make a rhythmic clicking noise, almost deliberate, like it was playing a beat or something. It was something like
che-ka-che...ka...che-ka-che...ka... over and over. I could usually get it to start just by turning it off anf on, maybe just once or sometimes three or four times. I thought it was all the viruses and slowdown causing it. Then years later I finally got some tech smarts and reinstalled it, back to Windows XP again, but strangely the clicking never happened again (even though just before the reinstallation it did that a couple times still since it was still using the old virusy system), and then I quickly changed the system to Windows 2000, which I still use on it nowadays. Windows 2000 on that old PC is a bit faster and isn't slightly choppy like XP kind of was (it was usable, but a bit finicky at times with its smoothness, I could tell) and on 2000, the drive has NEVER failed a single boot. It might as well be a new drive.
I would have kept the new XP (maybe...I WAS really into those old retro / abandonware operating systems at the time), but the XP reinstallation removing the viruses showed me that it was still a bit choppy, and that must have just been XP itself being a bit much for the computer, not the viruses at all.
Is there a reason my hard drive is fine again? Now that I realize what the clicking was all those years ago, the terrible Click of Death, I'm stunned at the realization that my hard drive basically came back from its deathbed and hasn't stuttered a single time since. Or perhaps it DID die, and now it's some half undead immortal zombie hard drive that will never go bad, as long as it devours the fresh tasty voltage of innocent power supplies at least every full moon?
2. pg1171
To all of the naysayers, if it works, it works Stop trying to say Never Sometimes, you just have to do what you aren't supposed to do. Remember the old, turn it off, turn it back on? It still works Just about any tech will tell you to try that first. Yes, it could do harm, just like opening a hard drive, but if it works, just do it I know, I know...I have heard ALL of the excuses, believe me. BUT, the simplest method usually works, at least once. That said, IF you can recover your data from a damaged hard drive, discard said hard drive, and count yourself VERY lucky I used to work management in a large retail chain. Our computers would just stop responding at least twice a month. We would just turn them off, let sit a couple of minutes, turn them back on, and let them reboot. No problems over a period of years. Not the finicky PC's we have today. These were older models, but they were critical to our stores running. Company communications being among the most important, plus keeping track of employees time. They were important. But, we kept them running. Try the simplest first. You never know. It just might work
3. Arrazovaldo
Dude, I'm from Brazil. Know, of all the videos that I have watched in the last three days, whether it's Brazilian channel or Gringo channel, yours was very good because of the tremendous sincere, true, honest approach taken. Please, it looks like the Hard Disc that you show in this video is not like my Seagate Barracuda 2 TB is: needle suffered a sudden binding ... I insiti keep it on, because I wanted to do a scan behind a movie of mine, until which disappeared from the screen, after the image slowed down. When I opened my Seagate, the needle was close to where it should be. However, one can see a very fine and tenuous risk, only one, doing the whole poe's turn, the other two, I can not see.
Friend, when I call to test with the lid off, the engine starts to turn the dishes as soon as the needle goes forward on the plates (there are 3 read heads), it picks up its proper place and the engine stops working only when I turn off and turn on the computer. Is there a way for me to resurrect my Seagate and recover my 2 Gigabytes of files?
4. Roland
Well that may seem simple enough but I did try and 'nix', the darned thing failed to respond. (Western Digital 500GB/Acer) Then, I sourced an identical disc drive (70) and very carefully removed the platter, swapping it with the platter from my failed drive. Same deal: 'nix'. The drive is and was knackered. GOOD LUCK to you all 'though. If it works by opening it then get your data from it asap. I was able to restore loads of .pdf files held in my dropbox, back to .svg format, fortunately. There will be times when 'things' just stop working and can't be fixed: that's the I.T. curse. Backing-up methodically is the only way to avoid the pain of data loss. I do have a sweet useless hard drive as a teaching demo in my tech classroom now: Shines up real nice and is a cool fidget spinner of sorts.
It grinds on my sensibility that these drives can't be preserved in some way: they are so sensitive and fragile that they become a liability. SSD seems to be easier, but then again NEVER TRUST I.T.
5. duncan
backup backup backup.... all my important stuff is scattered in multiple copies across at least three drives, no one of which is an exact copy of another, so I wouldn't lose all of the data at once... I do a folder-level backup rather than whole volume. carbon copy. it's worth the 50 or whatever it is.
but I also have IDE drives in a korg multitrack audio recorder, in caddies, & one of those has failed.... won't mount. it's a proprietary format, & although the drives themselves are generic, I wouldn't be able to get a 'normal' OS to mount them for inspection. my best hope is that it's something mechanical like this- stuck head or failed bearing.
I'm going in....
6. Helicoupter
Thanks a lot, work well on a Seagate Momentus 5400.6 (500Gb) used as USB Drive.
Head stucked as show in the video, 250Gb out of 390Gb of data (64 %) was reccovered by this last resort technic. And by chance only some movies and musics was corrupted. Important data is waiting her owner at this time on two separated disk.
Always backup your important files A good SAN, and a frequent drive check (CrystalDiskInfo is free and reliable) is worth the price.
Idealy, never move your DDR drive. If you must move physicaly your data, Use USB Key or SSD instead.
Once again, never let important files only on single drive.
Sorry for my bad english
7. Peter
Huge panick as I had dropped my drive and it was no longer recognized by either windows or linux. I had no idea if it was suffering from the same issue but after watching this and seeing you fire up your hdd afterwards I gathered the courage to attempt the same and within 10 minutes or less had it back up and running as if nothing happened. I quickly disconnected again and will await arrival of a replacement drive before firing it up 1 last time to copy all data. Another life saved ... may you be blessed with happiness, health and love :-)
8. Glenn
Thats a lucky fix. How about one where the armature isnt springy, starts to move in and stops? Its as though it has no power to swing itself across the disk. The only alternative I see is swapping the disk into another drive I have here so not to waste 1tb of data I just backed up. Ironically mine is a brand new drive that crapped the moment I finished backing all my files up so I could start installing new ssd drives in all my computers. Needless to say this will be the last spinning drive I ever own whether I salvage the data or not.
9. martino
I'm still very much amazed that such a small device can hold so much information. As a kid the simple 45 record seemed utterly amazing to me and now entire music collections can fit inside of a tiny cell phone. Just a few years ago a friend had an enormous record collection that covered every square foot of every wall of his apartment. Now that entire collection could potentially fit in his pocket. It still floors me how minituration has changed the world. Bigger isn't really better now is it?
10. Irish
Back in the 90's when hard drives still cost a bomb, we used to strip down MFM and RLL drives in a large cardboard box with two panel air filters from halfords taped on the outside and a vacuum cleaner sucking the air out. We used to take bad platters out and make good drives out of parts of dead ones bought as computer auctions for pennies as scrapped. I rebuilt well over 200 drives like this and never had a single one go down as a result of dust or contamination.
11. royen
I have four drives that have given up the ghost ... or so I thought. I have lost a lot of valuable data, I kept them tightly sealed in plastic hoping one day there would be an easy home made solution to recover them. I thank you for this, please keep passing along this valuable knowledge. I'm sure that I speak for many that depend to have straight-forward, concise and well presented practical solutions and answers. Thank you, you are very much appreciated.
12. Franz
Thanks. I had a 4 Tb drive that I had hooked up to a Seagate Thuderbolt adapter. That adapter was a big waste of money at 150 many years ago because the drive speed was sluggish. I used your video to remove the drive from the case and use it in my USB3 external dock for back. The drive itself is dog slow so it seems odd that Seagate would have sold a Thunderbolt adapter for GoFlex when it would not be much faster than the USB 2 it cam with.
13. Cajunflix1
My hard drive (internal pc/3.5) sort of clicks and doesn't recognize, so I opened it up and the platter looks super clean and fine. However, the end of the thing (IDK the name, I think you call them disks) that goes over the platter is cracked at the head. I assume this is very very bad and that means it's over.. The head of the "disk" the very pointy part on the end, is like cracked and almost bent.
14. Lee
Hi i want to ask you something. my laptop hard drive got crashed few weeks ago because it fell, and now the data cannot be read. And i am about to perform data recovery that cost around 300 usd for 500 GB. Do you think Data recovery always have a huge success on retrieving the data 100% from the hard drive? I just want to make sure that i don't waste 300 Usd for a slim chances of data recovery.
Can you explain why my external Seagate hard drive operating light is not coming on but the disc is spinning? Mine says Disk 3 unknown 1863.02GB Not initialised and on the right hand side of message window it says unallocated. What does this mean? My external hardrive light does not come on and made a intermittent buzzing sound before going dead and not showing up
16. jake
Unless you know what you're doing, this video might as well be like editing your registry or superuser use of "rm rf /" - Take it from me, as I worked as a FA technician/engineer for disc drive companies for over 10 years. DONT Do this. You are better off with a number of file extraction utilities, techniques using coolers and other low tech methods.
17. Tony
I had an external drive and that now is stuffed. Too many times I pulled the power cable of the wall socket with my feet. The casing eventually got damaged so I removed the hard drive from it and have been hoping to somehow recover all the data. I'm hoping that even though it is not in the casing I can somehow still get it connected to my computer, somehow.
18. Jim
I've done this a few times, successfully a couple. As he indicates, that is the last resort, and beats connecting it up then slapping, flipping, flopping and that sort of thing.
Once dust and invisible bogies get in to the drive case, though, it's unlikely to last long. That's why it's buttoned down in the first place.:) Good DIY.
19. TheKimInTheNorth
I had a similar issue. I tried opening it but it had one screw that's shaped like a star so I wasn't able to open it completely. I just used a thin piece is metal to push the arm. Before it was just making a beeping noise, now it's beeping and clicking, but it eventually spins. Still not being detected on the computer though.
20. anaheimdennis
Good job and interesting video. At least you had the guts to do this and I haven't in the past. I guess that their isn't anything to be scared of because if you do nothing then you'll lose the whole hard drive but if you take a chance to open it up the hard drive you could recover all the data as you have just shown. Bravo
21. lloyd
I done so much data recovery with get nfs back and other tool but sadly some times the best method is the platters in a recovery unit in sealed room messing about with nice shiny serfaces the to new working drive to recover. I always keep the platers when the drive is completely whacked like its cuicut and rom model chips Fri sometimes.
22. Ted
Awesome. I have a Boss BR1200CD that has a hard drive malfunction and I think before I send the HD off for data recovery, I'm going to try this first. It's a 12 track multitrack recorder that I recorded many songs on. Hopefully this will work. But ty much as I found this video very informative.
23. Bits
I remember when I worked for IBM in the 70's they used to say the distance between the head and platter was so small that a particle of cigarette would not pass through. You just dispelled their myth. Thanks for the very informative video. Never knew an HDD would work after you opened it.
24. Richard
Ihave about 20TB of data on my external HD's and another 20TB backup as mirrored, I hate to fool around withHD's, I lost TB's of data in the past but not anymore, everything is 100% backed, if any HD fails toss it ang get a new one and back up from mirrored HD
25. PaiN
Fuuuuck. I gotta recover like 200 vids worth of porn bro. and some of that porn is rare, quality shet i'm talking busty, milf latinas youve never heard of (because they deleted their vids after a day or something). My comp broke but the hard drive is fine.
26. geo
Amazing - fixed my HD following your method. I recovered all information, backed it up and threw it away afterwards (did not want to take the risk of another failure). I did not need to have a clean air box, but I was sensible in regards to dust. THANKS a lot.
27. Sylvain
tried it on a WD elements, it started to spin again indeed, had hope for seconds and then it buzzed and bipped and still wasn't recognised.. nice try though and thanks, I think I wouldn't have paid 1000euros to get data back anyway
28. Tedjo
hi, I want ask to you, if the hard drive can't detect in our OS (windows) so how to recover them? I have tried by using external connector like this video to windows, but the Hard drive can't detect on my windows. thx for answer
29. A
Ok I have a laptop I would like to download music into a cd but I need a external hard drive make my own cds I know its obsolete but my truck has a CD player and I would like to make my favorite music commercial free ,Thank you
30. Allen
Hello DIY Matt, I am going to try this on one of my computers. Has anyone told you, that you look alot like Eric Beale on NCIS Los Angeles, except the British accent and no glasses. God Bless you Matt, keith from America
31. BG
The information in this video is inaccurate and dangerously incomplete. The title is misleading. This information is only showing you a sure way of reducing your chances for a more complete and/or successful data recovery.
32. Sunggu
Hi, I have WD hard disk 320GB. I opened it and the head is not parked correctly as yours. Then I move it as you did. But when I reconnected the hard disk, still not detected by my Windows. What possbily the problem?
33. Pedro
this works i tried it If the needle is stuck (read head) be very careful if you have no clue how to do this easy tutorial hire a professional , but it can be done i did it first try hope this helps anyone In need
34. ALY
bless you sir, iam going to subscribe and like. Iam on my way to finishing a similar job for my own hard drive which I believe had occurred from a small fall...thank you and will let you know if this is the problem.
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