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How A CPU Works (Hardware + Software Parallelism)

How A CPU Works (Hardware + Software Parallelism)This video is the third in a multi-part series discussing computing. In this video, well be discussing classical computing, more specifically how the CPU operates and CPU parallelism. [0:27-4:57] Starting off well look at, how the CPU operates, more specifically - the basic design of a CPU, how it communicates with memory, the stages it executes instructions in as well as pipelining and superscalar design. [4:57-8:00] Following that well discuss, computing parallelism, elaborating on the hardware parallelism previously discussed as well as discussing software parallelism through the use of multithreading.

Дата: 2019-03-31 Singularity Prosperity

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1. Cosmo
How does the operating system know that there are multiple cores in a computer ? Also how can the operating system select different ones for different applications. I have seen this pretty much happening in windows where the programmer has the ability to select the core for an application ?? It would be very thankful if you could clear my doubts sir
2. Avdam
To explain, I used to analogue
- CPU as Customer Service
- core as CS staffs
- RAM as waiting room
Then I realized cache is more suitable as waiting room, and RAM is the . . . Umm..
Do you have better analogue?
3. Thomas
The video is good but you need to slow down when you talk. Can't understand what you are saying, which is a shame because there is a lot of good work in this video and I would have used it for revision with my classes otherwise
4. Happy
HyperThreading and Multithreading are not the same thing
(HyperThreading is a CPU design technique to allow a core to run as two threads instead of one, Multithreading is running multiple threads at once in general)
5. Tyler
i love your videos, but you need to either adjust your mic settings (wayyyyyyyy too much low end/bass) or cut the music completely. i have to turn every video up way loud just to make sure i hear everything you say.
6. tavi
could be done a CPU that instead of adding instructions one by one would use multiplication, or area calculation of geometric shapes, or derivatives or integrals on an axis of numbers that adds computing power?
7. Sean
I just discovered your channel and the content is truly impressive I can tell how hard you must work on producing these videos. I just subscribed now and I hope your channel continues growing
8. Prudhvi
As others have mentioned, this is an awesome video with excellent illustrations However, I would sincerely recommend you lower the background music and also not talk so fast
9. Tom
Great work it must take you lot of time, I hope you get many more followers you deserve it. But they will be geeks like me. Too techy for the main stream. Again well done.
10. Ayame
Your graphical presentation is amazing but the sound is problemetic , your voice combine with background music seems more like noise than clear speech
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