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Configure and use your Windows 7 Remote Access - Remote Desktop Connection Software

Configure and use your Windows 7 Remote Access - Remote Desktop Connection SoftwareLearn how to configure your Windows 7 computer to allow remote access plus how to configure and use Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) to connect to a Windows 7 computer remotely.

Дата: 2018-03-08 brickhouselabs

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Great guide thank you (liked and subscribed). I have got this setup now, but a question I have is will software (mainly a torrent program, and media streaming) continue to run while the server PC user is logged out. Let me explain my situation. SERVER computer is running utorrent and downloading, I connect remotely (at which point the user is logged out on the SERVER end) and add a few new torrents. I then disconnect my CLIENT from the server (at which point the original user on the SERVER remains logged out). Will the torrents continue downloading in the background. (same applies for my media streaming).
Thanks in advance :)
2. alan328
Go to Command Prompt, if you don't know how to do that, press windowskey+r and type "cmd". Then type ipconfig /all. Go to the very top and look for the Host Name and the Primary DNS Suffix, and that's what you need. The Host Name followed by the Primary DNS Suffix. So for example, if the Host Name is "Username-PC" and the DNS Suffix is "asdf.nl.k", it would be "Username-PC.asdf.nl.k". If not, it would be "Username-PC.(IP address here)". Type ipconfig in cmd, and look for IPv4 for the IP address.
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4. computerrebooter
The Host computer(the one you want to connect "to" must be running win 7 Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate. Same with Vista and XP. That is why you don't see the other portion of that window. The Client computer(the one you use to connect "from") can be running any version of those OS's. Also, on the Host side, you have to make sure that your firewall and router settings are correct. You can search google for these settings. Would be nice if it were as easy as illustrated here!
5. John Foster
Try also Ammyy Admin. There is an option to connect by ID and IP. There is no need to install it, settings are as easy as abc. Additionally there are voice chat, option of data transfer, it uses a very powerful encrypting algorithm based on hybrid AES + RSA encryption. You  will get solution for remote support, administration, training, contact book, connecting to or from users behind firewalls and NATs, free auto-update, ensuring that you and your clients always run the latest version absolutely for free. 
6. Hel0T
how do I know the next to the 'computer' ? , I can't seems to know the name of the computer, I mean I do know it, but it says there's no commputer named like it, once i got past the first bit annd asked me for username and password I type in the username and didnt type pass because the comp im tring 2 connect 2 has no pass.... so what do I do? I will try to create new use for the comp i hope it works. please any reccommendations?
7. Panagiotis Pegkas
This is a solution to communicate between 2 pcs in the same network, i mean intranet.
If you try to make an internet connection from a pc A that belongs to the network A with dynamic ip to a pc B that belongs to the network B with static ip, with the remote desktop application (any windows version) you cannot establish connection between the two pcs via internet! That is a job for TeamViewer for example!
8. Victini HaloFang
plss help me i have 1 windows ulti pc and 1 windows home pre laptop
my pc have remote desktop while my laptop dont have that remote desktop at bottom but i can connect my laptop to pc the only thing problem is i dont know my credentials acount the user and the pass i already try my computer name but i dont know the pass.... PLEASE SOMEON HELP ME WITH THIS CREDENTIALS 
9. Deirdre Dingman
I also don't have the option Subrata mentioned. I have 'allow access' but not the next step with the 3 options. One of which is the allow connections (less secure). I have tried to remote connect to my Moms PC and that is the only thing I havent' done in the steps you offer. We have exactly the same lap tops and windows 7. very frustrating
10. Kyle F
Help please, Tried and says Remote desktop cant find the computer (....) . this might mean (...) does not belong to the specified network. Verify the computer name and domain that you are trying to connect to.
Okay well the one I am trying to connect to has a static IP but is connected direct like this one is to my router... So why am I getting this message?
11. Bakana
I have win 7 and my father has win xp. Is it possible to connect to his computer? my father just don`t understand all these things. I recommend him to install team viewer but after downloading the software he is not able to locate the software he downloaded. Is it possible to connect with his computer if I know the ip address through remote desktop? Please help
12. Smilkington
yeah how do you find out or figure out the name of the computer? and for the remote desktop connection is that to control another computer from your computer and if so does it work for any computer or does the other one have to be a windows 7 too and if you could answer back as soon as possible thanks. --------Jack----
13. park4488
I'm going to do all this s*** and then I'm going to go and try to remote desktop connect from one computer to another and I'm going to get a message it says did not connect or something like that and then I'm going to say f*** you man and I'm going to put a gun in my mouth
That's IT work
14. Cyborg Basumatary
OK, I like this. I've 1 question Just for sure. To connect from COM-1 to COM-2 the COM-2 need to log on or it should work on log off? I mean if it need to log on then you are already at COM-2 computer. No need to come back to COM-1. And what is that VPN in comments below?
OK two questions...
15. Baz87100
You forgot to mention how we find the PC name and putting in the desired credentials. Obviously there are some people who share the same PC name with others. And what if people don't have passwords set on their computer? What do we do? Please advise as this video doesn't cover all areas. Thanks.
16. Joben Singh
ok so i have a had a problem and every video i see wont tell me how when i got to the system properties there only is a check box there isnt the three option below it and the check box is to allow remote assistance but ther is not the three other boxes
so plz help me
17. Isaac Figueroa
Hello, good afternoon, due written that I was watching the video practicing step by step what you are showing the same as create virtual machines and did not leave me these step, my question is I have to add the machine you want to remote. .
18. SergSpace
Then your version of Windows is not Premium but Basic edition. I have Win7 Home Premium and I'm looking at "Allow remote assistance connection" right now. You should follow the steps in this video, not just "google it".
19. AlexTubed
I'm sure someone might have answered this by now but Home Premium can only be a client machine. You need a Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate to use the system in remote desktop. Can't go the other way around unfortunately.
20. Mohamed Bedear
How I can connect to MAC and Window and each OS on the different network, not same network.
I tried to connect both on the same network and it is okay and the connection is working fine.
Please feedback ASAP.
21. Susan Starkey-Hendricks
If I set up the target computer, running Windows 7 Professional, for remote unattended access, does the computer accessing the target also need to be running Windows 7 Professional?
Thanks from Hawaii 
22. Dennis Chaves
So this shows how to do a remote connection with two machines on the same LAN. But what if the other computer is miles away, say... my parent's house? Will I just use that machine's IP address in this case?
23. Antifmradio Antifmradio
great but this is only over the network where both computers exist. How can i do this while both computers are on separate networks. For example they are in two different offices in two different cities?
24. Naim Abusammour
answering some question:1. This will not work for Windows home edition2. you have to have user name and password for the remote computer to connect.3. this video is for computers  connected vie LAN or VPN
25. Kubehz
people let me explain how SHIT WINDOWS IS for making utility software!! WDC SUCKS!! it doesn't allow you to establish a conncetion from win xp to win 7...
yous are better off using teamviewer than this crap
26. AJ-James
You can't use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to a computer using Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic, or Windows 7 Home Premium Source: Windows Help and Support, Remote Desktop Connection: FAQs
27. Chandan Reddy
I am not able to connect to my friend's lappy( who haopened to be in my LAN-we have been trying for it since many days)Dunno where the problem lies.Also, We both have same version of Windows7
28. KevinIsSoAwsome
will this work with windows 7 ultimate to windows 8 pro because i wanna use the bluray drive on my windows 8 pc to my laptop so i can hook it up to my tv then have a bluray player for my den
29. GeorgeHamberhill
This worked just fine until I installed a wifi router. The wifi router combo is from Centurytel and is model PK5001Z. I wonder what to do. Any body know? Any help will be appreciated!
30. Bill Maurer
This does not work on Windows 7 Home Premium, the version most commonly bundled with laptops. Remote Desktop Server is only available on Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise.
31. BBQ is life
I'm trying to connect, but I don't know what password to use. My PC doesn't have a required password to login, but it asks me for one when i try to do a remote connection
32. Dan
So frustrating, can't connect. -_- In the System Properties box, it doesn't display the three options. It only displays the Remote Assistance option which I checked. Please help?
33. Brandon Cobb
No i was told u can do it from any computer in the world. But you have to set up the right setting on the computer your trying to connect to. You also need to forward port 3389
34. KS2
You can actually: Go to Windows Explorer > Click on Network > Click on the computer name you want to access files from. > Enter the password and VOILA. > HAVE FUN!
35. ASIC Man
it's funny to see all "experts" to show people stuffs but never mentioned that your windows must be Professional Version (or above) in order to setup remote
36. Jaime Kings
Try, AEROADMIN, I use more than three years. Fast, and most importantly safe program for remote control of computers. Advantages, high speed, reliable security system.
37. SergSpace
Yes it does. Click Start button, in command line type (don't hit enter): "remote". You'll see Remote "Desktop Connection" first in the list.
38. MNRR 4903
HELP! when i go to Properties on My Computer and click Advanced System Settings and click Remote, it doesnt have the Remote Desktop box, just the Remote Assistance Box
39. Ricardo Cordoba
Hello. You missed to explain settings on our router if the port is blocked, which at least where I live it happens a lot (especially port 80 and 3389, RDC port).
40. TheStanification
you can use log me in hamachi basically you make a network then add both computers to the network and follow the exact steps in this vid and you should be ok!
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