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How to recover data from a dead hard drive (for beginners)

How to recover data from a dead hard drive (for beginners)This is a quick video to show how you can do a data recovery from a dead hard drive. Important Notes: - If your hard disk is still under the guarantee time, it would be wiser to send it to the manufacturing company instead of opening it this way. - This video explains how to solve one specific problem that might face the hard disk. Follow these instructions only if the hard drive you have sounds like the one in this video. How to fix a broken Hard drive to recover stored data How to recover data from a dead hard drive

Дата: 2019-03-16 Engineer Knows Best!

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1. Nabiyah1
What if there is no sound, the drive is silent, undetectable & it just spins? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
Originally, it black screened, pointer only. Took it to bestbuy (HUGE MISTAKE) & they tried to refresh, it couldn't get just 11%. Bad sectors. After they finished, it just spins silently no noise & is sometimes undetectable. At other times, it's detectable & the system locks. I created an ALL Files refresh .bat from cmd to try to bypass detectors, but the drive was unsucessful in clearing. It would not refresh. What else can I do? I just can't to retrieve my data. Again, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again.
2. Shanghai
i purchased a new WD wireless 4T hard drive recently and I'm in the process of moving 15 years of photographs and video from 7 external hard drives... today, I hit one of the drives i was working on and it fell to the floor... I picked up and it worked for several minutes and then stopped... click click click... I purchased a tool kit from Amazon which will be delivered on Tuesday and I will try to fix so I can recover the photos... I have a dog that is in it's end of life and the photos were some I took last may 2017 of her... In a year she has really degraded... will update after my attempt...
3. Авессалом
Не вздумайте повторять, таким способом вы оторвете бошки к чертовой матери Нужно ставить спец распоры и уже потом двигать головки в домашнюю позицию Автор видео ракажоп, на хрена такое советовать? После такого восстановление диска в спец сервисе будет стоить дороже или же будет не возможно из-за того что поцарапаете диск.
4. YouTube
When hard drives fail for any reason or the possibility of damage is evident.
1. Do NOT attempt to run the drive. It may cause further serious damage.
2. Do NOT open the drive. Again you may damage it further. Hard drives are extremely delicate parts of the computer.
3. Do NOT send to a computer repair shop. Computer repair shops have no experience in data recovery. No matter what they claim.
3. Instead send your drive to a certified data recovery specialist shop.
5. Mike
Wow, no gloves, no clean room, metal screwdriver on the platter. I know by the sounds the drive was making after that this did not work and you edited the video. I've been running a Data recovery lab for 13 years and this is the main reason data get's lost forever, man made damage. Normally I would not comment but you are helping people destroy their data. There is no cleanroom work for "beginners". Hard drives are far more sensitive even at a microscopic level.
6. Colin
Ok I can buy a cable for my broken Compaq Presario CQ61 Laptop, I am going to take the hard drive out of my Compaq Presario CQ61, it's a USB Cable I have to plug in, is it a 2,5" Sata interface and is it 15 or 22 pin I need and again this is the cheapest cable to attach to the hard drive which I am going to take out of my Compaq Presario CQ61 and attach the cable to this hard drive, so what should I type into EBay or even better AliExpress as they cost around 3
7. Youl
Hard disk opening must be performed inside special "clean" camera, without dust.. If you open your HDD cover, it's only 10-15% your drive will be alive after it.
And never, NEVER move heads by your hands as in this video On the working HDD heads NEVER have contacts with disk surface, because it fly on the thin air layer. If you move heads by hands, you WILL scratch disk surface And you will damage your data.
8. maurits23
I consider myself quite handy, but I feel so stupid now, now that I followed this video (and others alike this one, just to get YouTube views). It was not a stuck read/write head. And now I opened up this thing I am certain that recovery is going to be even harder (for a professional) if not impossible. Plus moneywise about to be priceless. Thanks for nothing. Oh, my sound sounded quite like the sound he shows.
9. batvanio
This is ridiculous. For starters, it's no accident that the discs are sealed in a clean room. In addition, heads are removed only when replacing them. The disk will not return the head to the reading surface alone. It is not programmed to move beyond the read and write area precisely because the heads are spring-loaded. Trying to do this will cause damage to the disc and the heads themselves.
10. Dov
11. holohulolo
Mine doesn't make that sound, it sounds fine like after you fixed it. But somehow the computer won't read it. It happened after unplugged it from the computer while it was loading and won't let me eject it safely. Does any one know how to fix this problem? It keeps ejecting itself, then attempting to mount itself and ejecting again before i could complete a disk repair.
12. MrEthanhines
You should have removed the Heads Magnet so that when you moved the heads while turning the platter they would freely move and would not be hard to move. I did what you did and guess what? I caused damage to the platter. In fact I didn't even use a screw driver to move the heads I saw on another video to use a dental pic and it STILL caused damage to the platter.
13. Edward
I took my 2tb hdd to maintenance store , hoping they will fix it , retrieve my data , and save me from buying another one :( now I know that I have to buy another one It's three weeks saving money. And guess how long I've been using it ? 3 weeks too So as soon as I saved money for another one it has died suddenly . Fuck my luck
14. Supercrack68b
Hello, this is nice video. I would like to ask a different situation, with HDD IDE 2.5, wich is slow, but readable, I can read it, but at the moment to do backup from it, is just not possible, it just read but it seems the spins are slow and then is not possible to make any backup. Any comments? Gabriel
15. Joseph
I thought if you spin the platters, the head just moved away on its own? I don't think I'd risk opening a drive anyways, the slightest dust can get inside and ruin everything. The platters also pick up fingerprints, so touching one may ruin it in one go.
16. Ahmad
I uploaded a video of my WD 500GB 2.5" external harddisk which is not working. I believe my fiance did drop it somewhere and now this happens. the head is not moving, the disc is spinning and it doesn't appear in my computer. Please Help
17. RAW
I wonder if this will work on an old HGST 7,200rpm drive?
It has 250 Bitcoin on it from back in mid 2010, but the drive died from Click Of Death. I wonder if I can recover the Bitcoin by doing this? They might be worth something by now.
18. Riyaz
My keyboard and mouse stop working after 15 minutes of use and msg displayed "power surge on the USB port. USB composite device needs more power than the port can supply". Do you have any solution.
19. Kenneth
Excellent video Very few people on YouTube or anywhere have shown that before you pay a data recovery company thousands of dollars to recover your data, it can't hurt to try this FREE fix. Love it.
20. Pedja
You are using sharp screwdriver on HD head with is very, very close to hard drive disk??? Small slip and your screwdriver is on disk surface making big scratch. Very smart.
21. The
what is the connector called that you use in this video? my power supply connector broke but the hard drive was working so i would like to connect it to get the content off
22. K3NnEtH
I got a similar drive,but multiple different screws are used. (Not only T6) I see no one else adress this. Is it something new? The drive is a 4TB Seagate 2.5"
23. Andy
I wish I saw this two days ago.... FUCK I was so close, I got my drive spinning again just by messing with it. but I thought I had gone too far in messing with it.
24. محمد
thanks a lot and i would like to tell me your email for more friendship and share more information with you thanks . i like to have a good teacher like you
25. Blue
Hi ,what type or size screwdriver you uses for take out the screws?.can show me the part# or model of screwdriver?
This is for laptops?
26. Jeremy
What happens when you shake the drive and you hear some sound as if some little part broke off, which I suspect could be the spindle. Thanks in advance.
27. Simone
Nice tutorial What can I do with an external Maxtor which is dead, but by electric point of view? I mean that when I connect to power is not moving...
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