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How To Fix WiFi Connection Problems in Windows 10 8 7- Red X on WiFi [8 Fixes]

How To Fix WiFi Connection Problems in Windows 10 8 7- Red X on WiFi [8 Fixes]In this video I will be showing you 8 different ways to fix WiFi connection problems in Windows 10. There are several possible reasons for this problem some but then theres only one common indicator which is a red X on your Windows network icon or for some laptops you may also notice an odd colored LED on your network button which doesnt change back to normal after a press as it should. 1. Check if your laptop has a dedicated switch for wireless connections and ensure that is turned on. 2. Check that your WiFi adapter has not been disabled in Windows settings. 3. Check to see that your WiFi adapter hasnt been disable from the BIOS settings. 4. Check that your network driver is up to date. 5. Run full windows update. 6. Manually download and install the WiFi adapter driver. You can order a USB wifi adapter from here to help with this process: https://goo.gl/pnCWDK 7. Open up your laptop and locate the WiFi card, check the model number search online for the driver using the exact model number, then download and install accordingly. 8. Replace the WiFi card module.

Дата: 2019-03-15 EasyTechs

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1. Deepak
10000% working method other than this method described below-----------
if it not work which has been described in this video, then try this method.
if this will not help in fixing your problem then try this..
change mac address of your pc, a software name which helps to change random mac address of your pc -- technitium random mac address changer.
firstly download this software.
open this and click on wifi on the above listed some internet medium.
now click on random mac address
and then click on "change now" but below. u can also check on use 02 option.
you can also check our many videos on youtube how to change mac address of your pc or laptop
2. Ilo
Thanks mein..
I dont actually know how I really did it but it my WiFi is back to normal..
I disabled the adapter and enabled,I used my phones hotspot to update the adapter,but I think it didnt work then,but then I restarted and entered into the settings,entering the bios setting but I couldnt find what you showed but then I I remembered when I got the laptop,everything was fine,so I decided to load default settings and after I did that,exited and let the laptop restart,I disconnected my phone and I surprisingly saw the WiFi turning on,You have no idea how happy I felt
3. Hamna
So the problem with my connection is that the wifi network adapter driver stops working. If I restart my laptop then it temporarily starts working again until the problem keeps arising. This gets very problematic especially when I'm doing something important and while doing it I can't use the internet anymore. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, updating, and even doing a network reset, and they fix the problem temporarily until it stops working again. I currently have Windows 10 and if anyone knows what I can do to fix this problem it would be of great help.
4. mhya
If you have the no wifi square shape with the x this is what I did. I clicked on it and clicked the Network and Internet settings. That took me to a screen I then clicked Change adapter options. Then I was took to another screen showing Bluetooth and Wifi click wifi and press enable this network device hope it works it worked for me
5. Conner
there is also a way to fix it, sorry im late to the punch tbh but basically go to device manager and find your wireless lan drivers and click on properties, then you are going to want to check if anything is disabled and then enable them and click ok, it instantly fixed it for me
6. Ken
Seriously? This gentleman is being discussed based on his accent, and no mention of his technical expertise?? I found the video very helpful and accent or ethnicity shouldnt be the subject here, unless race is more important to you than content? , racist? Yeah I think so
7. LukaMNE
Best tutoriale ever This worked for me and it was a mistake on first step... Thanks man you don't know how this helped me a lot I was trying everything and searching on Youtube tutorials but nothing worked. I gave you subscribe and like on your video
8. Test
It works for a while but then it keeps on going off and i have to do everything all over again
It keeps going on for 10 mins and then off and i have to redo everything and still doesnt work
I have also just got windows and this happens
9. Fiji
I might be a little late to the party but another reason its not connecting is this. Go bottom right type in cmd right click run as admin the type netsh wlan set autoconfig enabled=yes interface=WI-FI. You have to type it exactly like that
10. M
Thanks Been trying to fix this for a week now Number 4 worked for me. I didn't realize I needed to connect to the internet the first time I tried the driver update.
Edit: 3 hours later it kicked me off again On to number 5.
11. Regi
I face a problem that my laptop is not detecting home wifi (this wifi is not in the list). It could detect my neighbors, mobile hotspots etc. Other computers and mobile could detect this wifi. Not sure how to proceed. Thanks
12. P4T0
I haven't felt so grateful for a video before Thanks dude, you're great, and I love your accent too (no homo)
My problem was the simplest of things but I wouldn't have known it without you, thanks a lot
13. Anonymous
I tried the BIOS thing, but it seems we don't have the same menu with my HP Pavilion so I don't know where to find the I/O Port Access under Security :/
Is there someway I can reach that?
14. Aakash
Go to settings > Network & Internet > Status and then Network reset :)
And if you are having lenovo laptop, install lenovo energy management and then press Fn+F5 to activate wifi card.
15. EPIC
Thankx You SIR I appreciate your work "Your first solution helped me, I had close the wifi switch on My laptop" I dont know how to THANKX you Well Done
Keep on making vedios
16. Kpudzeka
Thanks man, I had formatted my laptop, downloaded so many different drivers and installed, done so many other stuff just to find out that there was a tiny switch that I missed pressing
17. Bea
before watching the video I read comments first and saw someone commenting that he just restarted his pc, I tried and Oh my goodness It actually works Thank you to that commentor haha
18. z1gu4rt
Iphone still connected to network,
Wifi adapter says no issues
Wifi on in windows but cant see any networks
Iphone can see all networks while windows can see none
19. Renji
My problem is that I can't connect to the internet and yet, the tutorial telling you that you have to connect first for you to fix the problem. Well that's ironic
20. Maestrofficial
Hi My Wifi works when the Ethernet cable is not connected but when connected, it stops working or rather turns orange/is disabled and I can't turn it on.
21. Peter
Great video...but in my case, i long press the power button for shutting down, then turn on after 30 sec, and restart my laptop... it worked for me :)
22. Angela
Thank u so much yall give him a like up it took my almost 40 minutes and I finally found a video that works thanks so much this done made my day
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