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How to Connect Laptop to TV using HDMI - Easy & Fun

How to Connect Laptop to TV using HDMI -  Easy &  FunThis video shows how to connect Laptop to HDMI TV which supports HDMI 1080p and VGA. See me connect the Toshiba Satellite C55D-A5120 Laptop up to my 37 Vizio Wide Screen LCD TV. My Laptop is running Windows 8 so you can see how to connect Laptop to TV using HDMI Windows 8 & Windows 8.1. Even though Im using a laptop with Windows 8.1 you can still see how to connect a laptop up to a Wide Screen television using a Windows 7 laptop or Windows 10 laptop to TV. Any computer to TV HDMI can be connected using a good quality HDMI cable. The Toshiba Satellite C55D-A5120 is a 15.6 Windows 8.1 laptop that can handle 1080p HDMI video with ease. It connects to my Vizio 37 flat screen TV with ease, but keep in mind that its easy to see how to connect laptop to smart TV or to a dumb TV in my video. And performance was surprisingly excellent for a 300 laptop that I bought at Walmart too. When using a HDMI cable it becomes very easy to have both video and audio being pushed through one single HDMI cable connection. This becomes great for any business setup for presentations, meetings and/or watching movies for recreation and leisure time. The single HDMI cable connection is far better than using a VGA and audio cable. HDMI gives far better picture and sound quality than a VGA and audio connection. It makes it much easier to see how to connect laptop to smart tv.

Дата: 2019-03-15 nickscomputerfix

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1. crimson
sir do you know how i can bring back the sound on the tv, cause here is what happend i connected everything succesfuly but i kinda plug the headset on the computer so now, everything is still connected but when i unplug the headset on the computer the sound in the tv did not go back , the sound was just in the computer, so any ideas on how to get it back on the tv id really appreciate it thanks.
2. Apple
Hello I just subscribed to your channel gave you two thumbs up I also hit the bell and shed your video in my messages please support my Channel That's What YouTube is do you doing a great job keep up the good work and keep the videos coming please support my channel give me the thumbs-up And subscribe I appreciate it
3. TasteYourLimit
well, my laptop's screen is not working, when it stopped(because of a fall), i could still hear the song i was listening to, but i could not see anything except black.
if i connect it through hdmi, is it going to work? :T
4. Ms
Plugged in, selected "Duplicate" and "Extend", nothing. When I turn the TV off and on, my laptop screen goes black for a moment, comes back, but no change. TV is just showing "HDMI" like it always does when it's connected to the cable box via the only HDMI port.
5. Reckless
i have a problem... my problem is everytime i connect my laptop to my tv with hdmi after connecting it i tried playing some of my games after a few minutes my laptop automatically go to sleep mode... is there any way to fix this ? (i also tried the battery settings thing still not working)
6. Maffe
Idk if u can do this but if there is anyone that knows if you can do this but in reverse, so that what happends on your tv you see at your computer screen? (I'm trying to record with obs while playing on the nintendo switch) Idk if that would work either tho :/
7. Patrick
Is this application used only for a t.v. that isn't a smart t.v.? I have a smart t.v. Do I need to hook up an HDMI cable from the laptop to the smart TV? Or, will just hardwiring an Ethernet cable from the laptop to router suffice? Or, do I need to do both?
8. yesi
Nick I do exactly the same, I do in the pass the same... but when I do now was not working .... I'm frustrated... i select hdmi 1 and 2 also and nothing shows on the tv...the hdmi cable is in good working condition...
watt can i do? Thanks
9. Duane
The only problem is when you hook up your laptop using HDMI you can't turn off the display on your laptop because it turns off the TV display too. Using a VGA cable you can turn off the laptop display and have it still displayed on your TV.
10. Joseph
Ok I need help say I'm hooked to a monitor and I wanna work on my laptop and NOT have what I'm doing show on the monitor until I do want to show .is there something I can do short of just unplugging the cable
11. Jazziegirltoo
Perfect I have used my HDMI cable for my MACBook Pro to TV before, but I'd forgot the simple hook up. I thought I had run it through my receiver before to get the sound out of my system. But this is fine.
12. Sam
"You will need 4 items..."
Me: Oh shoot...
"This HDMI cable..."
Me: Ok so far so good...
"Your tv remove, your laptop, and your tv."
Me: -_-
13. Brayden
You are the best person ever thank you so much so much for doing this me and my dad were going to watch a movie together but I had no idea how to do it thanks to you you are the best
14. brummie
hi i now this is an old upload but i have a laptop and the screen if broke but it works on my tv through hdmi cable.if i take of the laptop screen will it still work .on my tv?
15. Dekoshas
Thank you Jesus it worked my direct tv box isnt working and all I wAtch it Netflix and others so now I dont have to live off of the box no more I finally got it thank you sir
16. Jessie
If you don't have a HDMI, and you have an xbox, there should be a HDMI on your own xbox plug it in to your laptop and tv then go onto HDM12 on the 'source' button
17. Siqnaa
I do duplicate and everything my hdmi cord works bc I did it on an older laptop and it goes black for a sec my laptop and my tv says no signal still? And its on hdmi 2
18. Angebot
do you know how to do the exact reverse of this? I want to see the tv's screen on my laptop, not the laptop's screen on my tv. Can you help me?
19. Kennedy
Hi.Can i make this to work? I have now a laptop, and his display is broken.If i put the Hdmi cable in hdmi port is it working??? Pls.
.i am bad on english.
20. Starlight
It doesn't wot for me but my screen is broken on my laptop so... I didn't know if I needed to do something else... I also am hoping to get it fixed...
21. Stephanie
I have tried for hours and for so long and nothing was working and then I watched your video and it helped me so much Thank you thank you thank you so much
22. SophieMia806
Is this setup supposed to rearrange all the icons on my desktop? They are all automatically rearranged now, when I had them in certain spots and orders.
23. Joel
It worked on my computer but im getting no aound out of my tv. Just the same image as the computer. Is that normal? Or is it suppose to have the sound as well?
nickscomputerfix, please I need help. Why doesn't an HDMI connection work while I'm charging my laptop? HP Laptop intel core i3, LG TV 43 inch.
25. Balls
Lmao I'm being dead ass serious rn I've bought razor products never have I been so hype so when I saw this shit work for a buddy of mine thank u
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