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How To Connect Two Routers On One Home Network Using A Lan Cable Stock Router Netgear/TP-Link

How To Connect Two Routers On One Home Network Using A Lan Cable  Stock Router Netgear/TP-LinkHow To Connect Two Routers On One Home Network Using A Lan Cable Stock Router Netgear/TP-Link! Great video, very informative and useful... i do have one issue with it though, i hope anyone had come across with this. I did manage to have my secondary modem / router to work as a wifi extender and it worked ok when i connected to it with my laptop. But for some reason, when i tried connecting it with my smart phone, i do not have internet (that is, the wifi on the secondary router did connect but no internet - smart phone can't load any info from internet). One thing I noticed though, is that when I connected with my laptop, it ask for the pin number of the router after I entered the wifi password. But the smart phone didn't do this (asking for pin number). Any suggestions?... Thanks.

Дата: 2019-03-15 Richard Lloyd

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1. JorgeInTheTube
Richard, I was the one who connected 2 Netgear routers together. Just have a few questions. I noticed I had forgotten to change the static IP address on the 2ndary router (I just tried since I'm having trouble picking up a WiFi signal on an old phone). As it turned out, it put same range on both (1.100 to 1.254) (main one says: 0.100 to 0.254). Regardless, my newer phone (Note 8) picks up the signal beautifully. My old phone (Note 3) still has a very poor signal. So, the question is, could it be this 2ndary router address despite new phone doing fine, or is there another setting you can advise? Please note that my old phone (Note 3) picks up the signal very well from the primary router. Both routers have different WiFi UN & PW's. Please help Thanks
2. JorgeInTheTube
Richaaaaaaard, thanks so much This actually worked. I used 2 Netgear routers even though their website states that it cannot be done with reference to my older router N300 C3000 as an AP router. I could be wrong, but the only difference from your instructions is that the AP router (listed above) Gateway address had to be changed to the X.1 or X.2 (whichever) "before" disabling the DHCP. I had to do a hard reset because it wouldn't let me back in to the settings to make the Gateway address change. So, I changed the Gateway address, then I disabled the DHCP. Now, I did a ton of back and forth, so I may have confused myself, but I think these are the steps, at least for my N300. Best of luck to others doing the setting
3. Atlantic
I had locked up my secondary TP-Link router about a year ago and was about to throw it out. Today I happened to luck out on using an MS network diagnostic/trouble shooting option after getting the message similar to 'router refuses to open'. The trouble shooting option reset the network settings that my PC seemed to use as a reference that blocked the TP-Link router programming from opening. I then carefully followed every step in this video and this avoided the lock-up. Very important to get those IP settings on the secondary router set correctly. Otherwise, once you save the settings, it can be nearly impossible to open the router, because you will not be able to reach it from your primary router.
4. Heaven
I'm at 13 minutes into the video, and whenever I click on "change adapter" it shows the Ethernet setting has a red x, and the status setting is faded and won't let me press on it. My computer (laptop) is connected to the 2nd routers lan port. I'm unsure what I'm doing wrong. All the lights on the router are flashing. The router is a tplink ac1750. Any help would be appreciated.
My main router/ modem is a gfrg200 (Google fibers provided modem).
EDIT: I solved the issue. It was a power issue, as I was using a different power box for the router. This tutorial is simple and explained very detailed. Now my fiber internet is running very fast and no signal issues. Thank you
5. Errol
Hello Richard, I used your step by step method, but not your wireless setup as yet. It worked perfectly.
I have a one port Huawei LTE CPE - Model Name: B2338-168 and an older Comtrend AR-5389 Router with 4 ports connection.
I kept going back and forth with your video and was very successful as I have two desktop PC and hooked up the older Comtrend and disabled the DHCP Server and then did as you've done.
I was going to buy myself a 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch but your video really helped and saved me some .
Thank you very much for the video and such details. I'll come back and check the wireless details later.
6. Greg
Awesome video, watched it multiple times and helped greatly. Everything is working great I do have a question that about one of the ethernet connections. The desktop computer is choosing an ip address less than DHCP start address, it is choosing the ip address of secondary router for some reason. I've hooked up a laptop with an ether net and the ip address is above the starting DHCP address, this leads me to believe I've set something accidently on the desktop. I have checked and the settings on the desktop for the network card is set to automatic, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
7. ahmad
i have 2 routers each one has an internet speed also upload speed and all of them has unlimited downloading , my question is if i do your steps is that mean i will lose the secondary router speed & upload ?
and all of my network home will get the internet from the primary router ? also what will happen if i disable the WiFi from the primary router by using LAN cable only for some near devices then leave the WiFi enable on the secondary router ? but i have to tel you that one of these router has adsl and the other dose not have
8. Lawrence
Anyone have suggestions how I can figure out if my internet combinations (internet service, routers (2), and wiring) are compatible. Richard explained how a CAT 5 may be limiting the internets potential, and I just wanted to learn what my internets potential is because we keep having to run around with different companies and never get satisfied no matter how many MB speed.
Also, question about the video. Can I connect an Xbox to the second router via Ethernet connection and have the internet work as if its direct to modem?
9. nirul
Whoa I followed your instructions and able to connect two ModemRouters together. :) Thank you god to have you on Youtube and Thank you to make such a clear video. Love from India <3 I have 1st Modem Router that was 2.4GHz. Due to lot of collisions between near by apartments I bought a 5GHz modem rounter. Then I realized my old laptop only support 2.4GHz and one cell phone only support 2.4ghz. I searched on Youtube and got this video. Now both modem routers are having internet and serving 2.4GHz and 5GHz parallel :D Thanks a ton.
10. harmonica
I did this some time ago and I've been using it for a few months now but I have a problem. The main router works as before, but the second of the series stops working at least once a day. It shows up in my ipad and iphone and it connects but there is no internet, it shows a circle that keeps rotating. I have to restart the router and then it works. Its getting a little annoying now. I don't remember if you talk about this in the video but is there a solution to this?
11. Kevin
Richard this the BEST video ever, about How To Connect Two Routers On One Home Network Using A Lan Cable It could not be more timely for me as I recently bought a modem and router combination...but did not have a clue as to how to setup the two without causing conflicting IP Addresses..You are truly a life saver And yes I would love to see you do another video about how to configure a third router Please Do it ...
I will SUB you tonight and follow your channel..
12. Navi
I have one router doing the work right now. It was provided by Spectrum and Im pretty sure it is garbage. I recently just bought a Netgear router though, that is much better. Recently, Ive been getting tired of my WiFi connection from my room since the original router is in the living room. If I follow through with this video, leave the original router in my living room, and use my new Netgear router in my room, will the Spectrum router be a large hinderance?
13. Shari
Got a couple or questions. Will this set up work for the main router being in a trailer and the second one being in a metal building that could not receive WiFi before. In face, our iPhones and iPads can not receive signals inside the metal building. If I have a line from Main Router running to Router Two, the secondary Router and have it connected by plugged in, can I receive WiFi inside my metal building or will I have to do something different. Urgent
14. Mridul
Hey great video.. thanks a lot ...but I'm facing some problem...
I'm getting internet on WiFi 2 but Once I switch back to WiFi 1 from WiFi 2 and again back to WiFi 2.. I'm not getting the internet.. it is connecting to WiFi 2 but no internet.. Only after rebooting the second router I'm getting the internet from WiFi 2 again .
I'm using D'Link DSL modem router as secondary and Mi WIFI 3c as primary
Thank you
15. معن
Is it possible to connect two routers
Which one would be the modem + secondary access point (Which gets internet from LTE)
and the router that is taking the internet from the modem router is connected via the wan port (Which is a linksys router)
I want the linksys router to handle the DHCP-ing and all the routing
And the modem router (LTE Router) which is a huawei router to just be a secondary acess point
16. V2
It works, that was really helpful, theres an issue, when connecting other devices from the Router 2 through ethernet cable its completely fine and no issues at all, but for some reason when trying to connect to Router 2 to my phone (Wireless/Wi-Fi of course) it takes time to connect, it first shows that theres no network connection, and takes around 15 minutes to connect to Router 2, what seems to be the problem?
17. MD
hai mr. Richard thankyou for this video..
i had a qurie ???
i had done the configuration its working good but the thing is i had subscribed for internet video call in UAE.. from the 2nd router is not working for that subscribed internet plan.. remaining browsing & downloading everything is fine...
kindly give me the solution to keep working for both routers ???????????
18. Sandy
Fantastic video, thanks I want to place a POE switch (to which my cameras are connected) on one router and a network (non-POE) switch connected to the other router (to which I have a houseful of data ports connected). The router with the cameras as software that functions as a NVR. Since I am new at this, can you advise whether this would work? Again, thank you
19. musco666
Cheers for making a detailed and very easy video to follow all steps.
I bridged 2 NETGEAR routers yesterday and have got the LAN ports working without any issue on my secondary router but for some reason WiFi is visible but i get no internet connection.
Have you got any advice on how to get the secondary WiFi working please?
20. Jcruz
I need ideas or some knowledge on how to extend or create another WiFi connection on my place
The wifi is being use by a massive amount of ppl wish makes me have the worse internet connection ever
Is there a way of getting a better signal doing this or a process similar to this one I'm can't this any more haha
21. Jeff
By doing this setup, does this make it possible to have one single network where all devices connect to one network name? With WIFI extenders you end up having two wifi networks meaning you have to manually switch between main router and extender wifi. Id like to have two routers running together on a single wifi connection :)
22. Besim
Hi, after I disable the DHCP in the secondary router I can no longer access the configuration site ( because in the Network Connections settings says that this is an Unidentified network. And I can join the configuration site just after I factory reset the secondary router. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks a lot.
23. Junyee
Hi there, usually the router LAN 4 is set as iptv so that it could be connected to tvbox. In this context, could I use the secondary router (router 2) to connect to a tvbox by setting one of the LAN as iptv? Is it going to work this way? Since the router 2 is connected thru a LAN port from router 1 which is NOT set to iptv?
24. Rowser
Hello Mr.Rached I have a problem. After I did all the steps and disable the DHCP serve, I cannot connect to the 2nd router through wifi and when I'm trying to connect it says "failed to obtain IP adresse" - but I can connect if I enable the DHCP but no internet -. But the internet works through the cable.
25. Murali
I have a question. I have two routers, router-1 ( and router-2 ( How could I create a setup where I have two different IP series, but should be able to ping bi-directional. ie. if my laptop is connected from router-1, i should be able to ping to router-2 and viceversa. Please reply.
26. herman
hi richard, im getting a router that is coming very soon, and i have a question.
1) after doing the pairing process and making sure the second router is the secondary router, can i unplug the lan cable and move it somewhere else?
thanks, love your videos, and keep up the good work :-)
27. mohit
Thanks very much. Very helpful but doing these all , my laptops stop getting internet but internet working great on other devices like my phone and tablet . If I connect main router and disconnect second router then my laptop works fine . But doesnt work when both router connected. Any idea?
28. DaRUBaX
Hey I need some help. I just plugged in my old extender into the wall (recently got new WiFi) and it somehow connected and the extender is working great. Is there anything else I have to do because everything is working perfectly with no problems, I didnt have to configure anything.
29. Scott
I have a router from my ISP and a powerline adapter that submits a seperate SSID wifi. Is there a way to have both the router and the wifi powerline adapter have the same signal so i dont have to change between one or the other when im upstairs or downstairs. I hope that makes sense
30. L33
Set mine up perfectly following this video about a year ago. My internet provider in the UK said that they didn't think it was possible to have more than one router running in a house at a time, so following this video I set it up myself and proved them completely work. Thank you
31. Trevor
Hi Richard, Thank you. This worked well with a TP-Link Archer C7 as main router and TP-Link VR400 as secondary. However, it works fine on wireless, but not when connecting a LAN cable from secondary router to a laptop. Just get unidentified network. Have I missed a step somewhere?
32. Agosh
Great video, helps a lot. Can you please make a video on connecting 2 routers wirelessly.
I have one MiWiFi Router and the second one is Belikin. By following your instruction I have connected the 2 routers with cable. Is it possible to connect them wirelessly.
33. Viraj
Thanks for the video, I successfully bridged the routers but now I want to use these routers individually on different WiFi connection so what should I do?
Does resetting the router reverts all the changes we did to it back to original?
Please help me out with this
34. 505AK
Helped me a lot. Thank you Richard Everything works perfectly, but there is one thing i wonder about. In Netgear Genie under Advanced - Advanced Setup - Wireless Access Point, you can Enable Access Point Mode. Is it necessery if i followed your guide and everything works?
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