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How to Setup a TP-Link WiFi Router

How to Setup a TP-Link WiFi RouterHow to Setup a TP-Link WiFi Router! Part 1: Plug-N-Play in Cable Modem environment Part 2: Advanced Settings via Web Management Page Hi TP-link we have a BT infinity broadband router with 75mbps and would like to use your product. We would like to add another router or perhaps access point in the other side of our house as there are so many walls around and we're losing accessing WiFi connection. We'd like to extend our WiFi connection by adding another router. We bought one of your WiFi extender but it seems also cannot perform well because of the walls. Can you please help and advice us what's the best product you have and how to connect it to our existing BT router? Cheers

Дата: 2019-03-15 TP-Link

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1. Brendan
I use my mobile phone as the modem because i have unlimited data on my plan, and i use the TP-Link Archer T4U adapter....but.....can i use this router and still get on the internet via my phone like i do with the Archer adapter ? im planning on getting this wireless modem because it has a 5ghz band and i cant seem to get that using the Archer T4U adapter. So im wondering if i can pair this router to my phone without having any ADSL/Cable connected at home.
2. Saptarshi
I'm using a Moto G android phone, it CONNECTS easily to the TP LInk TL-WR841N (which has been setup with my PC) router's WIFI, signal strength's excellent, but I'm not being able to access the internet (not getting any data, even though the WIFI is connected) on my phone at all. I have normal access to the internet on my PC though. What am I missing? Any solutions ?
3. ssPeto
It would have been really cool if the password: admin would been included with the instructions. Forgetting "small" details like this helped me decide not to sell this product in my computer shop. I figured it out by using the same password I used for other manufacturer router setups but I can't expect my customers to know...\
Edit: AC1750. Incomplete instructions.
4. Link
I couldn't find a way to disconnect the internet to my computer, so I unplugged everything, from my Modem and Router. I then proceeded to follow every step within the video, and I was going to test the connection with my phone and computer, which, my WiFi connection has come up, but after trying to connect to it, I get an error saying "Authentication Error." Help?
5. Delaney
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6. Kurt
I have a N600 router. Attempting to connect a 4TB USB drive. The drive shows up as: Disk1: Seagate ( Expansion Desk ) Rev: 0911, but no file, volume, capacity, etc information. Drive is formatted as NTFS. Been scratching my head what I am doing wrong even after reading the users manual. Any hint here what to try next?
7. Hot80s
my tp link never flashed w/o activity now it flashes 24/7 even if you turn off wireless switch ( checking for leaks ) i checked many times to see if someone jacked my line but nobody other than my own devices . For over a year & two different cities it never happened until now.
8. peter
i can connect to internet with my 2 pc's and wireless works perfectly on my laptop .Only problem is my computers cant see eachother. So i cant share my files with my other computers while it worked before on my older router .I have a tp-link ac1200 wireless dual band .
9. Chuck
Can you run setup without being physically connected to a computer. I am moving to an apartment with bedrooms on each side of the living room where the router will be. How can I set this up? Each computer would need a T2UH AC600 device.
10. naif
Hi. My modem is in 2nd floor and i want my tp-link in 3rd floor.. the data cable to be used maybe how many meters its capacity? Or if i used 40m data cable from modem(2nd floor) to tp-router(3rd flr.) is it possible? Thanks for reply
11. Jacob
I had my LAN cord going from WAN on the modem to WAN on the TP-Link router. I had connection but no internet. I then connected the LAN cable from LAN port 1 on my modem, to WAN on the router, and BINGO Internet. Hope this can help.
12. BalticBuffalo
everything worked fine. I just do not understand How:), maybe somebody can explain shortly.
my initial problem was:tp link software program did not want to recognise any router through cable,so i had to try this way.
13. Melvin
Hi Is the WR740N v4 is capable of having it's own landing page so that people who uses my free wi-fi would see the default page first before they could proceed on surfing the net? I guess the DDNS is different.
14. BN5man
I just ordered one of the TP-Link TL-WR940N Router Wi-Fi N 450 Mbps I need to extend coverage in the house so can I connect the TP router to my existing modem via an ethernet cable and use it as an access point?
15. Daan
Hello sir
I don't have a modem so this is not really working for me but i do have the same router that you are using in the video so if you have an answer to solve my problem pleas respond to this comment
16. Abc
Doesn't work 3 time following You Tube directions
EVERYONE, just buy Sysco or Belkin etc, this router setup is a joke. Never had such a hard time setting up a router in my life. Save your money and TIME
17. Smooky
I configured the router step by step like in the video, I created a network (new name, new password) I can connect to the wireless network but there's no internet connection Any one can help me ?
18. oluchi
can i create a login page and infuse into the tp link router so that on connection to the wireless it opens a login page on the browser for users to put in their different username and passwords
19. cobain
I currently live in a motel (personal reasons) and while the motel has wifi I needed something to boost it in my room. I hooked it up to my computer but won't connect. What am I doing wrong?
20. nantakkumar
can we use usb adapter to connect to the router at the usb port and use internet
without modem..so that we connect the usb adapter to any wifi and our router can support it
21. whitehall
This vid isn't helping me I'm litttlry about to smash my fucking tp link thing Cus my mum has no tucking Idea that my fucking wifi only has one fucking port for a a tucking plug
22. yt
I must get out of the internet cable from the modem? and the internet is the way all of the time and then you have to login New search you know what it is?
sorry for the bad english
23. FamboPlay
My PC -> TP link router -> Fritzbox cable 6360 -> internet
How i can login in the TP link? i want to change the PW.
tplinklogin dosent work
24. Richard
hola se puede usar roter tplink como original . osea sacar el de la operadora y colocar el que compre . y usarlo como unico router . ya que el de la operadora no tiene potensia
25. Esben
I was going to type in the pin code so i could connect to the internet but then it just said i typed in the wrong numbers and now i cant connect the the tp link. Help me please
26. JX
Will the method be any different if I use ur product for plugging from the ethernet wall not from a modem? Because at my accommodation there is no wifi and we only have ethernet.
27. satg
What is the distance in m can the signal travel for both 5ghz and 2.4 ghz ? A rough estimation would do in average conditions and assumptions taken in. URGENT thanks for reply.
28. ten
could you please help me? my router TD-W8970
my problem is router not broadcast wifi ..
it repeat not broadcast and broadcast wifi and not..
what should i do??
29. mayhem123
so is the thing not wireless im sorry but i dont know much about how this works haha like do i need to leave it plugged into a computer at all times for it to work or no
30. Nekoz
Hello,can you help me please? I dont know what is a modem,cuz,my internet is broke and i dont know where my modem is located. Cant i connect to internet whitout modem?
31. mr
I Don't Have WiFi and I need to purchase it as WiFi. So After the configuration can remove the Internet port that you connect to your computer and use it wirelessly ?
32. Erich
You make shit. And as soon as I get another modem, I'm smashing this piece of shit sending this piece of shit back to you COD. You can eat it.
Eat shit.
33. Julio
I have a question. In my case I have an Apple Macbook and he does not have LAN port. How initially set the C7 without being connected by LAN to the Apple?
34. Angie
I want a router like this, but my internet connects by a white cable line to my current router. Is there a work-around for this? I not tech savvy at all.
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