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Windows 7: FULL TUTORIAL (Basics)

Windows 7: FULL TUTORIAL (Basics)Are you new to Windows 7 and want to learn how to navigate the operating system? In this tutorial, David will show you the ins and outs of Windows 7 (designed for basic users) as well as several trick and tips when it comes to software you might want for your PC. This class is also great for any Mac users who want to run Windows 7 on their Mac via virtualization software like Parallels.

Дата: 2019-03-14 David A. Cox

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1. MrGruffy
On some sites, my IE 9 was out of date. To get a recent version of IE, I mistakenly thought that I had to upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7. All I had to do was to search for sites from Google. But I panicked. Had Tech Support install Win 7. While in Windows Vista, I had email, spreadsheets, 84 Word Pad documents, Dymo Label Printer, Norton and Kodak for my camera. All of these vanished after installing Win 7. I wish I had Win Vista back. But this is an opportunity to learn. I learned from this video how to retrieve my documents, and put them in Library. But couldn't get my spreadsheets. Had Tech Support fix that. These documents come through Microsoft Office. I didn't know that. I guess that I am suppose to be born with this knowledge. The Tech guy installed Gmail which I DO NOT want as I've already paid for one year my current email provider. I had to re-install Kodak and Dymo Label to address the few letters I do send. I have 3 typewriters, but no ribbon.
2. M
Hello there I am finding some assistant. And found your channel best to discuss my issue facing right now..I have HP laptop with window 7. By mistake I deleted my Built in Administrative Account. I am unable to use my laptop properly now. Now using guest account there is restrictions of Admin account on it. Whenever I download or want to do something it asks to continue type administrative password with dull Yes Box. I trying to go to safe mode but it doesn't go there and stuck on window start normally option. I have read many other solution and applied but always say to continue type administrative password. Even I try to install new window it asks administrative rights. I am worried to take all this. Kindly help me in this regard Thanks a lot.
3. Steve
I know this video is kind of old, so I'll post this as an update rather than a correction. Microsoft Office 365 is worth it. You get more than just free upgrades during your subscription. You also gain access to 1 Terabyte (per user) of online cloud storage. A single user can install on a desktop, workstation and mobile device and it counts as ONE device. You can then share the other 4 licenses with other members of your family and they can do the same, also with 1 Terabyte of storage a piece. Also, you gain the ability to collaborate with others online with files stored in your cloud. It's worth the money.
4. Dale
Nicely explained, Sir I am a Computer Technician and currently teach a program called Broadband for Seniors (over 55 y.o.) in my small country town in Australia. I will be pointing my students to this as a refresher, as most of them have older second-hand PCs running Windows 7. I also use the terms "Actions" and "Options" to describe the mouse button usage. I keep telling them not to confuse ignorance with stupidity: just because you don't know something does not mean that you're stupid. Once again, well done.
Dale Cuffe, Microsoft Certified Professional, Yankalilla, South Australia
5. Sophia
Instead of scaring people about public WiFi networks you need to teach them about all of the settings inside of the network section. When you join any public network you will have a box show up where you can choose "Public" instead of "Home" or "Work." The more you learn about how to handle those settings, the safer you will be. There are many automatic settings that default to WiFi sometimes, so informing users how to understand different settings, the better they can work with them. Always remember to READ the screen. :)
6. Roy
Wow, for years now I've been using 150% text, so when he said many people 50+ use 200% text I checked it out. Quick note: my Windows 7 only goes to 150% text, but then I looked over at the left pane of my window and saw it said, "set custom text size (DPI)" and I clicked on that and was able to cusomize my text to 200%. Huge difference I can always go back to 150% if I want to - very cool.
7. Nathaen
Ok, I have a question. How many people grew up with Windows Vista and earlier and got really confused when they introduced libraries in Windows 7? How many people grew up with Windows 7 and later and are used to libraries and get confused on the old computers with the My Computer thing? Reply, and lets see what results we get...
8. Cheryl
PLEASE David would you tape a Class on and about - " Media Player " ??
Also my biggest problem is I like to send video's I've taped to Family and Friends EMails - why do I have to pay for more data on Outlook .com Before this I was able to send my Video in my folders to any of my eMails .
9. Jeffrey
It Is a shame that you can't , buy ro even find windows 7 ..In stores anymore..now we have no choice but to buy ....WINDOWS 8 , OR 10 I understand the....TECH INDESTRY ....has to grow.....but ...DAMN...don't make ppl pay.....that just SUCKS.........Its like we are being told what we need to buy .....
10. Softvision
Thanks for the useful video David. The content is fresh and the presentation is slick. I still remember using one of the earliest iterations of Windows - Windows 3.0 and it's amazing to see how much the product (and the industry as a whole) has developed.
11. David
Windows Systems on the whole tend to slow down a lot over time. Whether 7, 8 or 8.1, it doesn't matter. I wonder if this is a form of time drift cheating strategy adopted by Microsoft to con millions of people worldwide. If so, it is pathetic...
12. Maelieng
Hi David, Thank you for your videos. This is my first video i watched so far of yours and am planning to watch ALL your videos I have a question, Can I "UNINSTALL" internet Explorer from my C:Drive? what will happen if i do? Thanks :)
13. Lynn
last name Corp, not a professional, not an office or use for work. Only have a cell to talk on phone. do not need internet. Had to get old one free to be able to signup, etc. all of this has caused problems or should I leave it .as is?
14. Mash
I have Windows 8.1, and I like the Windows 7 Configuration of the Desktop.
Can I make the Big clock, the Calendar, and the Weather/temperature box, like in this video's Desktop Screen...(in the Right Hand Side)?
15. xeriscape
I have a relative, first time user, that we gave a computer to. He is not connected to the internet. I would like to acquire a copy of this that he can watch though his cd drive. Could a purchase this for him.?
16. hellcat0019
criptolocker hmm I had a windows xp laptop and it got it but I did not know let alone did not have an charger and it got infected well it was shut down I almost got it off in safe mode on windows xp
17. Phoenix
Guys I need help. My computer is super old and long story short I dropped it and now the mouse doesn't work. I tried changing the battery different mouses and it still doesn't work.Help please
18. zachashl
I miss the games in windows 7 and the games and the aero design,
I need the full experience
I don't need modifications.
oh wait
this world doesnt want gradients
W h y .
19. Derek
Im a pc tec and its amazing how much you forget if your not using software day to day ..ill save this brilliant video and take ideas for it for trainng others, and i agree with this guy about win7
20. Christina
After watching this....has anybody taken theWindows Operating System Fundamentals: MTA Exam 98-349? I am trying to find some videos that will be good prep for this.
21. BloodySeaGulls
By far I like windows 7 the most. So easy to use and no problems with downloading drivers. Windows XP I still love but it's and ass when it comes to drivers.
22. Celso
I am Brazilian. This is simply the best utterance I have ever heard in English. Possible to understand 100% of the words. Perfect for a non native speaker.
23. Kimberlae
I'm trying to expand my knowledge in windows, excel, ect. for work. Can Anyone help me with this? I would also like to improve on my typing. HELP
24. Salah
Batal sharmata ya khawl ya layehnya 3el2 ya metnak ya metnak ya louty ya maras badal magee aneek shaab cosomak nafar nafar ya bcosomak ya beta microsot
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