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Windows 7: enable remote desktop

Windows 7: enable remote desktopHow to enable remote desktop on Windows 7. Remote desktop is software that enables you to use your desktop computer when you are not near it. It is available on Windows xp pro, Server 2003, Vista Business/enterpise/ultimate, 7 Professional/enterprise/ultimate, and server 2008. If you have a home or basic version of windows, you will not have this option. It uses port 3389 and requires a login with a password to the computer.

Дата: 2018-03-08 Chris Walker

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1. Eric Thornton
I recently got Remote Desktop up and working.
I notice that almost all the posts related to Remote Desktop include using the 'IPCONFIG' command to determine the target computer's IP address. 
While I assume this is done because most PC's are configured to get 'the next IP' available from the router, I had assigned a static IP address to the target computer.  So, I already knew the target's IP address without using IPCONFIG. 
Even though I followed all the steps here, it still wouldn't work.  Here's why:
If the target Windows 7 computer has a static IP, make sure you also do this:
A) Open Control Panel 
B) Select 'Network and Sharing Center' 
C) Select 'Change Adapter Settings' (at left)
D) Right-Click on the network adapter (Note: pick to be used by remote desktop is you have more than one adapter)
E) Select 'Properties' from the drop-down list
F) Select 'Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)'
G) Click the 'Properties' button below
H) Click the 'Advanced' button
I) Select the 'WINS' tab at top
J) Ensure check-box 'Enable LMHOSTS lookup' is checked
K) In the 'NetBIOS setting' box below, Select 'Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP'
L) Click 'OK', 'OK' , 'Close' buttons as the pop-up are closed out each pop-up (don't use 'Cancel')
M) Close the 'Control Panel' window
N) Restart the PC (probably not needed, but a restart won't ever hurt anything)
2. Sc00by94
You made the point that only one user can be logged on at a time, that is only true in certain versions. The server versions since 2K server have allowed you to log in twice, simultaneously, but as different sessions. Comes in handy if you haven't had your coffee and flub your password a few times and lock yourself out. I would recommend you that if people are going to do this that you inform them how to set up time out and idle periods. And above all else set the lock periods to expire or you will be locked out until you can get to the machine and console in.
3. Chris Walker
Well, if that other person is directly connected to the Internet, yes. Likely they have a router. So you need to "port forward" port 3389 to their computer internally. Then when the router receives an external signal on port 3389, it knows to forward to his internal computer. It would be a good idea to give him a static IP at this point. If that computer's internal IP Address should change, then the port wouldn't be forwarded to the right IP anymore.
here is what I am trying to do and any help would be appreciated. I think windows remote desktop will do it.
I have a laptop here in USA and I'm going to be sending it to a friend in australia, I'd like to be able to use remote desktop and use the web browser from the laptop ip.
Will windows desktop let me do this and will any connection I make look like the ip is from the laptop's location in australia or would it be my location in the USA?
5. Holman Lopez
Good video buddy so I need  you help I just set up my computer I opened new port from Router by adding 3389 and added the user who is going to Access when I access from my local network no problem is OK for ,me?  but when I try to access  from another network (outside of the local network) it appear an error code?  Do you know what are doing wrong? I checked the wirefall setting up allowing all exception?
6. Meh Met
hey sir i do all your instructions to connect from windows 7 remote to windows server 2003 which is in microsoft virtual pc , so i got error connection: Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer for one these reasons:
1. Remote acces to the server is not enabled
2. The remote computer is turned off
3. The remote computer is not available on the network
so what to do pleas help me !
7. Asus Kybd
Only problem with this is it does not allow file sharing for the originating machine. It will redirect the screen output to the originating machine and redirect program output to the originating, you just cant relocate say... torrent files to be loaded on another box. IMHO, could be wrong! I just got mine working 45 mins. ago from an XP to an 8.1 tablet, I am still trying to figure out HomeGroup setup.
8. Chris Walker
Both. If it's on the same network, I can usually get by with name. Sometimes IP is required. If we are both in an Active Directory domain, I have DNS, so, I use name. If I have DNS, I use name. If it has a public IP, I can use that. If you are calling up a machine by public IP Address, then you can get an account at dyn dot com. Then you can use DNS. So, to answer your question, both.
9. Gavin McCloy
Great tutorial, I have two computers in my livingroom, 1. is sitting under my TV (media centre I built) 2. main system both are using Windows 7 - I would like to be able to easily control the mouse and keyboard of the other system over LAN network is this possible? for example like remote assistance over windows live messenger if you were to help somebody? but i wish to do this over LAN.
10. Chris Walker
@danielle1323 You will be able to access a XP Pro desktop no problem. No one can access your desktop. If you are trying to access an XP Home or MCE desktop, it won't work either. I have a video on UltraVNC and ShowMyPC that would be better. When you do remote desktop, it actually locks the other person out of the computer. Can't help to learn if she can't see.
11. Chris Walker
@rasmasyean Your router is only going to forward port 3389 to one computer. You need to use a different port for each machine. You can change the default port number for each machine. Then forward the new port numbers to the new machines. (Or run a much more complex home network.) Here is a video on how to change your RDP port. youtube dot com/watch?v=JEdgZuhRIck
12. Mark Small
Thanks!! if any one wants to remote outside there local network watch this video - /watch?v=a9_74V540xk or read this from Microsoft - windows.microsoft.c om/en-US/windows7/allow-remote-desktop-connections-from-outside-your-home-network?SignedIn=1
If you want to log in with out a a password on start up to windows watch this - watch?v=lA66Rz-W01Q
Good Luck!!
13. danalpatt
any idea how to access the remote desktop over the internet i go to my buddys place and we play games so i start the server befor i leave with what ever game running the server but i cant figure out how to access remote desktop from his place works fine over lan i tryed entering my modem ip in the remote conection thing and no go any ideas would help thanks
14. mokujinkid Z
Thank you so much sir! your tutorial is the more better than the other videos i've watched..you're a good tutor ever. bcoz in the other videos ive seen is not that accurate.. coz they didn't show how exactly where the username came from.. so i've just only figured it out here in your video tutorial @ 2:20 and so on. btw thanks anyway sir
15. ibanez0830
@technoblogical Hey, im thinking of upgrading to windows 7, (currently using XP) i usually use remote desktop connection to connect to the network at my school from home. My school's computers all use windows xp though.. will i have a problem using windows 7 connecting to my school's network because i am using different OS? or will it still work?
16. s guzman
@ibanez0830 It should work if it's a Windows 7 Professional Ed PC connecting to Windows XP Professional PC. The Home Editions and anything under don't have the feature. I know because in our company, we access our workdesks (which have Win 7 Enterprise Ed) from computers in the training basement which only have XP Prof Ed.
17. SergSpace
I believe you were talking about Win7 Home Premium, which comes with any PC laptop. It does have a Remote desktop. Hit Start button, in search field type "Remote". You'll see the list with "Remote Desktop Connection" in it and the choice of selections which Allows you to set up new Remote connection.
18. Chris Walker
@emadcool To access a computer in a remote network. you need to to go the router of the remote network and forward port 3389 to the computer. Then when you specify the public IP Address for the remote router, the remote router will forward the remote desktop request to the internal computer in the remote network.
19. Chris Walker
None at all. Probably just something you'll have to deal with. Could be a slower network connection or the older version of RDP, but probably not worth upgrading. Also, 6.1? As I understand it, 7 is 6.1. Run the "ver" command to see. Not sure where you got 6.1. Maybe it is NT 4.0 w/ SP 6a?
20. RobertDevious
I've been wanting to use Remote Desktop to show my family members how to do things on the computer, but both parties can't see the desktop. Is there a way to make it so that the desktop displays on both my computer and the family room computer without interrupting the connection?
21. BlackPaw
Did only worked for win7 to win Xp but not the other way :S
I uppdated the win Xp remote control, so now i hawe the same versjon as windows 7
but still I want it to work the other way.....
Help? thx :)
Used Windows 7 Home Premium
and windows Xp Proffesional Sp3
22. God Almighty
PROBLEM not a big issue it has remote access but like your management thing I don't have the Local Users and Groups thing how do I display that? You might not answer this but I need help I can remotely connect but can you do this using a browser or anything?
23. virtualCA1
can someone help me for over two months now i have tried to put many images and slide shows for my desktop but it does not allow me it says because of a internal error what is going on i haven't installed anything bad why did this happen someone please help.
24. Sir. Altair
Hi Chris .. thank you for that video ... I learned a lot... but I have windows 7 home in my laptop.. I and have pc with window xp pro ... can use remote desktop ... I wanna make wireless network between them ... can you show me how... thank you 
25. Giovanni Castellanos
Hi, i´m using Win 7 ultimate, so i want to use remote access. I use Closed Circuit Television. I can to establish remote access but when i get it, i have no image of the cameras but i can access everything else. Thanks if you know why..
26. Dale Benton
what I dont understand why did microsoft sort this problem out,im trying to get program to work it omes up saying the desktop needs to be enabled Microsoft get enough money for there windows they cant even do that,microsoft are just fucked up
27. Mark Small
To remote outside there local network watch this video - /watch?v=a9_74V540xk or read this from Microsoft - windows.microsoft.c om/en-US/windows7/allow-remote­-desktop-connections-from-outs­ide-your-home-network?SignedIn­=1
Good Luck!
28. Baker Alex
You can use a dynamic DNS service to have an easy-to remember hostname, and it dynamic DNS service will match your domain to your real IP at all time. You can check my video "Remote Desktop Tutorial Using Free Dynamic DNS".
29. danielle1323
@technoblogical - Mine is the same, does that mean that I will not be able to use this to access an XP desktop? I am looking to access my boyfriends mother's XP desktop when she needs help and was looking to use remote access.
30. Paul van den Bergen
key information in the first minute - the reason I can't RDP to a Win7 Home PC is because it does not support it. Thanks... It never occured to me MS would so cripple their own product... saved me wasting a day on this.
31. TamilankstaPrie
i am not able to see the remote desktop settings to allow for incoming connections and all that
when you go to Computer>Properties>Remote Settings>Remote Tab
please reply or message me back when you receive that.
32. PakCyber Prates
u right technoblogical and nassos he have make video for tut he dont go in another pc to show u he just have 1 pc and vb so he gave u way to make if u have ur brain then hope u understand other wis e keep us eur pc
33. AngelsFury69
in my programs and features i have a blank program that is called "Windows Live Mesh ActiveX Control for Remote Connections" i was just wondering it was ok to uninstall
i mean will it screw anything up
34. HTR125
I am confused about the users part. I want to hook up my PC to my iMac so I don't need to buy a display, and I wanted to know if you could add yourself (the admin) to the list of authorized users in your own account.
35. Robert Wilkinson
thz for the rply back i found another way to help my friend i used Team viewer cause i spent 8 hours trying to get remote desktop to work and it didnt and when i installed teamviewer it worked in secs but thz
36. mrcraziekyle
@technoblogical for some reason when i goto the remote options the options for remote desktop are not there, can u please help me. Yes i am on windows 7 and i can open remote desktop its jut that it wont work...
37. Eraser Habbo
Mine does not show the Remote Desktop option. Like when you go to the settings to allow access. It only shows Remote Assistance option. There is no options to allow Remote Desktop below that. Please help anyone?
38. rasmasyean
Do you know anything about Direct X Remoting? I think they were talking about that when making Windows 7. Is this what this new one is based of? Or is there another remote desktop that invovled Direct X remoting?
39. Meh Met
but sir remember i tried to connect in remote desktop from windows 7 to windows server which i installed in microsoft virtual pc so in my own pc , and ip are the same probably ip make a problem cuz are the same !!!
40. MrOne2watch
why does everyone think remote desktop dont come with windows 7 home premium? when if fact it does come with windows 7 home premium.
i use it,and it works fine on mine ! (server and client)
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