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How to search any Song without Its NAME and LYRICS

How to search any Song without Its NAME and LYRICSHow to search any Song without Its NAME and LYRICS! Hey friends this is Ranjeet Sharma and in this video i show you how to search and download any song without its name and lyrics with some essy step so watch this video i will tell you step By step and i hope this will help you.

Дата: 2019-03-20 Ranjeet Sharma

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1. Charlene
Does anyone know that song/music video where the kid is in some kind of spaceship/shuttle thing and he ends of getting a nosebleed and the shuttle crashes? I have no clue what the name of that song is and it's one of those kind of dubstep remix songs that have no words or lyrics so I can't really search anywhere for it and I have part of the song stuck in my head. If any of you guys know what it's called plzzzz give me some info... thx
2. Anshu
I have tried many songs with tunings in this shazam app but it shows retry .Because ,I think it is unable to find some of the background music of music used by several YouTubers,to know which song it is .After seeing this video used following steps but it was unable to find .I am not saying that this is a useless app ,but still it is useless and use full too.
3. Eagle
Ok this is so stupid.
If I want to find a song's name, I need to be able to hear the song somewhere (Which happens maybe once a month that I hear the song) and I need to have this app constantly and be prepared to take my phone and find the song
But how I find a background music without vocal..... because some kind of youtuber make his video with vocal...so Shazam can't find this song for vocal....so what should I do......
5. prashant
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