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Installing Ethernet Driver problem

Installing Ethernet Driver problemHello everyone i hope someone can help me with this weird problem on installing on my fresh windows 7 installed Problem: Network adapter cant detect Cant install any network adapter No network adapter showed on Device manager and Network adapter settings Download Realtek Ethernet Controller Drivers: https://soft-arhiv.com/load/22-1-0-1088

Дата: 2019-03-15 Louiezky

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1. Ammara
There could be two problems. One is your motherboards LAN card is not working and you need to buy external LAN card. Check it on Amazon. The second issue could be the CMOS battery or mother board coin battery. Replace battery and use external LAN card and then again install proper drivers. You problem will be solved
2. Louiezky
Solution: Try 'driver pack solution' and run it on your computer for last resort if it doesn't work which means it is broken. Replace a new Motherboard with CMOS battery included.
3. Suricate
I have the exact same problem Strange fact :
When i cut the current, from the power module, in my pc back, and i wait a minute, the adapter show himsel
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