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How to Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error On Chrome

How to Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error On ChromeThis Video Show How to Fix DNS_Prob_Finished_No_Internet Error On your Google Chrome. Quick Tutorial. Well usually it s because ur IPV4 isn t connected. So only few website in IPV6 like Youtube and google can work. To check : - control pannel -network and internet -network sharing -adapter card -Wifi Then u must see : IPV4 isn t connected while IPV6 is connected The main reason is because u re unlucky and ur Internet service provider is literally imposing ur Ipv4 (= u have to share ur ipv4 with 3-4 ppls). So if u want to connect u must use a specic adress given by ur ISP or change the box to get a new IPV4 adress. Anything else is useless. I looked and looked for a solution to this problem. Several told me to do things I knew were not appropriate to the problem and were probably risky, too. This one not only works like a charm, but it's very simple, and you're not changing any parameters. You're simply resetting the interface between Windows and the programs that want access to the internet. If that wasn't the problem, it wouldn't cause a new problem. An excellent fix I'll remember this one. Thank you very very much Chrome just started showing the No Internet error message on 5/3/2017. Reinstall didn't work and couldn't find a fix online. I run Windows 7 64 bit and followed your CMD and run as administrator, typed in netsh winsock reset and hit enter. Restarted my PC and Chrome is running again like it should. Also I did have both my IE and Firefox working while Chrome showed the error message so Iknow if wasn't the router, etc.Thanks again :)

Дата: 2019-03-15 Geeks Tutorial

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1. Terios
I must say this thank you
you showed a easy and simple way to fix this type of problem
I been trying so many other ways to fix this problem but nothing helped I tried looking in videos I end up lost or unable to understand and lose hope
but you solved my problem I cant thank you enough
I hope to see more of you videos soon
I wish in best in luck of your channel
2. Karen
This worked for me too. Thank you so much My I-tunes hasn't worked for about a year either. I was getting the same message, saying it wasn't connected to the internet.So it wouldn't connect with my phone.I tried alsorts, uninstalling and re-installing etc. I've just tried it and it's now backing it up Thanks again :)
3. Boris
did not work for me. after restart nothing worked anymore, not even skype or other network services. problem appears in all browsers, not only chrome. other services like skype had no issues and perfect internet connection. browsers work for awhile and all of a sudden display the error message instead of a requested page.
4. slowtrtl
It worked After following your instructions, and rebooted by laptop, I can't connect with my internet. I restarted my modem then restarted my laptop again I saw my internet indicator is on, I just let out a big sigh of relief Thanks so much You're a life saver
5. Al
6. Jess
PSA: I had the same stupid error 'DNS probe completed BS.' Fortunately all I had to do was restart my poor little router, and the internet was back. P.S. I hate how internet problems are so prevalent, its irritating.
7. Cj
When I tried to open some website, the browser slapped with that error, even the internet connection is fine and refreshing hundred times. My older sibling's laptop must be mistaken for that. Annoying as all lake of fire.
8. Lucy
Thank you soo much..it worked. I wasn't able to access internet for almost a month and thought will get someone looked at it but then I thought lets check out videos before I get help hoping it would work and it did.
9. Akansha
hey it didnt work for me it shows the same error not only that now after following your steps it shows the yellow triangle thing (no internet access) please help me idk what to do. im using lan on window 10.
10. Carrie
Thank you so much for putting this up. I was halfway into desperation when Chrome showed this message and reinstalling didn't work. Thanks to your tutorial everything is back to normal again.
11. Frantz
Waaaouuu, votre process et vos manipulations fonctionnent et grce vous, j'ai pu retrouver l'utilisation de mon navigateur Google Chrome : MERCIiiii pour cette fantastique rsolution
12. Tony
My friend had this problem, after hours trying to fix it your advice completely resolved the issue saving him an expesive trip to a computer repair shop thankyou for your help
13. cave
thank you so much. i just wonder what caused this to happen in the first place. if it happens often should i delete chrome and reinstall it? could it be a virus/malware?
14. winchesteR
The thing is,internet on my phone works perfectly fine..Also on computer,facebook and youtube work only.All other sites don't,this solution didn't help
15. thorrafa
You, my friend, are my new hero and a life saver. I have tried for days searching and implementing every fix out there with no luck. This worked like a charm.
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