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Computer Basics: Hardware

Computer Basics: HardwareA desktop computer is comprised of many diverse components. This video will identify each piece of hardware that makes up a computer. We will demonstrate how to open it up, take it apart and discuss the make up of the mother board, and then put it back together.

Дата: 2019-03-14 CTE Skills.com

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1. richard180961
Bad Move buddy.. You Yanked out the heat sink & fan assembly with the CPU still stuck to it, hence you did not release the CPU lever first. Very lucky you did not bend or break pins on the CPU, or damage the socket.
From my own experience. Always give the heat sink/fan Assembly a gentle twist to break the compound seal first, before removing Fan/heat sink assembly, Then lift the CPU retaining lever to remove the CPU.
2. Braydon
But besides the heat sync mess up it was a pretty good video, it helped me figure out a few questions I've had about the components of a motherboard. I'm planning on building new types of computers when I get older. But I still need to learn allot so if anyone has any videos or tips I should know please reply to my comment.
3. Video
Could you tell me some things to check to see why my computer want power up. I cleaned the dust out of the inside like Ive done every time I clean it .I use a small artist brush and a small shop vac. The computer worked fine before this. Now it has know power and nothing comes on. Could I have shorted it out.
4. The
Thank You very much, Sir. Video shows clearly how to install the machine's hardware and where the connections are located on the M/B. Every application is slightly different, however the basic knowledge for this process is definitely shared and is a great foundation for a rig diy-er or tech enthusiast.
5. Sam60420
Deskstops are bulky and lack any form of portability whatsoever, it's only a matter of time till they either become more lightweight or they'll simply go extinct. At this point in time, desktops are the powerhouse well for now at least.
6. The
my computer's motherboard and HDD was broken last day. it was a 3 yr old one. Which will be profitable(lasting with performance) , repairing the current system or buying new CPU? suggestions are appreciated.
7. Jessica
May I link to this video as an extra source? I made a very basic version for my students and would like to offer something if they're looking for more information, and this video was fantastic
8. Joy
Very nice video, very helpful video Awesome explanation. Very much informative video All should watch. Dear Sir, thank you very much. The video was really helpful. Very nice video. All should watch.
9. Kumari
what are the competencies for Desktop or IT support Engineer.
a.Technical qualification
b.communication and listening skills?
sir,give me the answer to this question soon..plsss
10. adam
Someone was drunk when they wired this. lol. What a mess. And I realize this was five years ago, but that is a really basic computer. It looks like it's a 2000 model.
11. BurntBraai
the wires make everything look confusing for me but when you disconnected everything, the hardware become so much nicer to look at and easier to understand
12. Jeremy
Ok just a guess but is that a pc that wont be used anymore ...because i see no protection...did you touch the power supply...or have wrist straps for Esd...
13. C
thanks man im 12 and i buying 500 worth of computer parts and am going to build it i watched a video on how to build one and i was like huh the whole time
14. R
Nice video but as an advise always wear gloves when working on you pc/laptop as the moisture from your hands can and will damage your hardware eventually
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