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Lets Try: City Car Driving (3D Instructor) English

Lets Try: City Car Driving (3D Instructor) EnglishLets learn to drive on crazy Russian streets in City Car Driving otherwise known as 3D Instructor. Want to purchase the game? If you like my videos, and want more HD gameplay commentaries, please. Link to City Car Driving https://soft-arhiv.com/load/27-1-0-188

Дата: 2018-06-18 DanTheGreatHD

Рейтинг: 4 из 5
Голоса: 2

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1. King Tommen Baratheon
When i am driving and i want to stop or put the R gear or stop my car because of red light or something esle, my engine locks everytime, what do i do wrong? or it's the gears that i'm not using right?
i don't have a real car diploma... so be good :)
2. SergeantGhost
You don't really have a driver's license, do you? So you stop and thank a guy for yielding to you when you had the right of way. Either that, or you're an American (duh), and rightfully so shouldn't be on European roads without a proper exam.
3. Patrick B
Is there any updated/current driving simulators out there that are based in America? If only they made one where GTA made the map and world, and Forza made the cars and driving physics. That would be the ultimate realistic driving simulator.
4. TropicsHunter
Is there anyone who actually does a video with a steering wheel and does a 100% driving simulation . this was alright but this guy just wants to go fast and he is using a keyboard.
5. Dimitris Tripakis
I am thinking to install this (with steering wheel and pedal) on one of our school's PCs (Im a teacher). Will it help highschool students understand the basics of driving ?
6. Jan Buysse
The reversed triangle means you have to give way... it's like a stop sign, but you don't have to stop really if there's no traffic coming from the other direction.
7. كله تقنية
why in this game when i turn right and left teh camera keeps going lool its weird games and i guess next part of it would be killer and great it needs some fixing truly
8. Bob Marley
Safe to assume you dont have a drivers license as of when this video was made lmao "there should be a traffic light here, how do i know when to go??"
9. Kiraro The Kitsune
Why is there an "Aggressive Traffic" option there? Usual Traffic is Aggressive xD
You're so bad at driving tho, but it's a keyboard so meh
10. xXSpeed Xx
Help please, I'm playing with automatic but I seem to be stuck in park no matter what I press, I try doing W and S, or the numbered keys but nothing seems to work.
11. puppy lover Emily
Omg after 2 hours trying to find this game on my computer then I'm about to download it then I say shit it's fucking money like what the hell life.
12. jeroen vermander
you suck at driving parking brake of before starting the engine too late shifting from 4 gear in 3 gear at 100km i hope you never got youre driving licens
13. La Finale
U spent ur time to check the mirror and the back but u crashed into a shinny road sign right in front of ur face. Retard like u should not driving at all
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